Learn About the Wide Compatibility of USB-C Lightning Cables

by Gary

USB-C cables are currently the most preferred cable option among smartphone owners. USB-C lightning cables are compatible with a lot of devices. The cables were launched in 2015 when Apple released the MacBook, and since then, numerous devices with USB-C ports have come up. USB-C lightning cables offer the benefits of lightning and USB-C cables. For instance, you can charge and transfer data at higher speeds and sync your devices. Click Ugreen.com to check out some certified USB-C lightning cables. But as you do that, you need to learn deeply about compatibility.

What you need to know about the compatibility of USB-C lightning cables

Nothing is frustrating like buying a cable only to find out that it is incompatible with your device. While this is not common because cables are tested and verified, it can happen if you blindly purchase a cable. This write-up discusses everything you need to know about the compatibility of USB-C lightning cables.

The cable anatomy matters

While not all devices are compatible with these cables, it is worth mentioning that they work with several devices. Their incompatibility with some devices can be attributed to their anatomy. USB-C cables feature a rounded rectangle or oval shape. They are also much smaller and thinner than standard USB types, and that is why people compare them with micro and mini USBs; this makes them more comfortable and easy to carry.

The pins determine the speed

The USB-C lightning cables have 24 pins inside them. This is three times more pins than what was available in earlier USB versions. Their increased number of pins is the reason behind their fast data and power transfer speeds. Even with this anatomy, USB-C cables are relatively universal, as long as the connector is also a USB-C. Below are some examples of gadgets compatible with the USB-C lightning cable.

Compatibility with Apple gadgets

Most Apple gadgets use lightning cables. However, the brand has recently released devices compatible with USB-C lightning cables. For instance, various generations of their computers have USB-C ports. You will need a suitable cable that serves your purpose. This is just the start as Apple is looking toward converting its standards.

Compatibility with smartphones and tablets

Most flagship smartphones and tablets are compatible with USB-C adaptors. After recognizing how beneficial and popular USB-C cables have become, smartphone and tablet manufacturers have taken to the trend. Therefore, most of the latest smartphone and tablet releases are compatible with USB-C cables. You will be happy to buy a cable with wide versatility, making it possible to use it across various devices.

Compatibility with PCs and Laptops

Most PCs and laptops manufactured after 2015 have USB-C ports. They use USB-C lightning cables for charging or power delivery. They also use these cables for data transfer. For instance, you can transfer data from your laptop to your phone and vice versa using a USB-C lightning cable.


Note that using a USB-C lightning cable on an incompatible device can damage it; it can damage your device’s charging port or fry it. Check out various cables at Ugreen for perfect compatibility.

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