What Determines the Cost of a Laptop Battery

by Gary

Laptop batteries differ based on the type, model, price, size, and other conditions. The battery makes the laptop convenient by allowing portability hence its growth in popularity. You can choose the best laptop battery (batterie d’ordinateur portable) from the “batterieprofessionnel” brand since their quality is top-notch. However, no matter the make you choose, the battery ages after some time and loses its utility. When such time comes, you will need to get a new battery at an affordable price. Below, we look at factors affecting the price of a new laptop battery.

Factors That Affect the Cost of a New Battery

Several factors determine the price of a laptop battery. They include;

1. The Brand

Some brands are well known in the market and tend to sell their name as well as products. Such companies are known for high-priced products compared to upcoming or lower-level brands. For example, Apple products are more expensive than Hp. Also, each brand has its way of pricing its goods depending on the specifications, manufacturing process, battery model, and much more.

2. Number of Battery Cells

Battery cells are located inside the battery and are responsible for causing a reaction after combining with an acidic electrolyte that initiates current flow. Some batteries have more cells than others, like 4,6,9 cells, depending on the model. The higher the cell number, the heavier and powerful the battery is. Each cell carries a particular capacity, so more cells mean a high battery capacity. It’s evident that batteries with more cells are better; thus, their cost is higher than those with fewer cells.

3. Voltage

It refers to the volume of electricity needed for a laptop to function. Different manufacturers produce batteries with varying voltage ratings. The batteries may be similar models, with the same specifications and size, but the voltages are different. One advantage is that no incompatibility problems are witnessed despite the lack of similar voltages. Batteries with higher voltage ratings are usually more expensive than those with low voltages.

4. Milliamp Hours ( Battery Capacity)

Battery capacity is defined as the amount of energy within the battery and is measured in Milliamps ( mAh). The mAh rating can either be high or low, and it influences the lifespan of a battery. Most batteries come with a high rating, unlike those that come from the manufacturer. A battery with 6600 mAh can last longer than one with 4000mAh. The higher the mAh rating, the higher the battery capacity. This is true concerning the price of the batteries. They are more pricy than those with a low mAh rating.

5. Watt Hour

It describes the amount of power used by a laptop in one hour. Heavy workloads consume more energy than simple tasks resulting in a higher watt-hour rating; hence a high capacity battery is required. Ultimately, the price of the battery is affected.

Bottom Line

When shopping for a laptop battery, note that the prices will vary based on specifications and conditions. Each battery is designed uniquely, so take time to learn what’s different and why it’s priced that way.

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