How to buy new world coins ?

by Gary

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) developed by Amazon in September 2021. The game is based in Aeturnum, a fantasy island that uniquely symbolizes Atlantis. In this game, every player begins at level 1 until level 60. It’s at this level that the end game begins.

The currency in this virtual world is called the new world coins, which are needed to improve your gaming experience. This can be likened to how having real money improves your standard of living.

There are two different ways to obtain these coins, which will be explained in this article, so read this till the very end. The first way to buy new world coins is by farming and collecting. The other way is by buying from websites

1. Farming and collecting coins

As with other massively multiplayer online games, obtaining new world coins is similar, although there are few distinctions. These ways of earning coins include


You can loot the non-player characters that have been killed and sell whatever they have, including their stock, to traders. You can select some more valuable items and sell them for a higher price, or you can also sell this at the Auction House.

You can obtain coins by completing quests.

While you complete quests or tasks assigned to you, you don’t only advance to higher levels with increasing difficulty, but you also get various rewards. These rewards include gear that would improve your gaming experience and some new world coins. If you feel like you don’t need the gear at that point in time, you can sell it off for some coins.

Gathering professions

If you make good use of gathered professions, you’ll be able to pile valuable resources. These resources can now be sold to other players for some coins. The resources include herbs, wood, etc.

You can also make valuable items or assets and sell them to other players for some coins.

You can farm rare, valuable items

Non-player characters drop some resources you need to make high-quality gear and other valuable items. As you move higher up or as you level up, the easier it’ll be to craft rare gear.

2. Buying directly from Amazon games or third-party websites

This is a much easier way of obtaining coins if you don’t want to go through the stress of working for coins in the game. The developers of the new world do not encourage buying game currency for real money. Still, most gamers use third-party websites to make their gaming experience more fun. It’s pretty simple to buy these coins. All you need to do is to select the required amount of coins you need, fill in your character name and other details, and you can receive the new world coins inside the game.


As mentioned a zillion times in this article, buying or earning new world coins will help improve your standard of gaming. You won’t have to stress yourself so much or spend a lot of time grinding when you have this virtual currency.

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