The Top CNC Machining Applications In Industrial Manufacturing

by Gary
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CNC machining is a complex subtractive manufacturing process. It requires high levels of experience and expertise to accomplish. Companies like 3ERP are known for their domination in machining parts. There are several other CNC machining companies in the market. This blog discusses the top CNC machining applications.  

Common CNC machining applications

CNC machining is applied in a wide range of industries. Below are some of the top CNC machining applications;

1. Aerospace

The aerospace industry is one of the primary areas where CNC machining is applied. The industry has an extensive shared history with the CNC machining market. Aircraft parts require the highest levels of precision. Precision promotes security. No other manufacturing technique provides higher levels of precision than CNC manufacturing.

The manufacturing technique also allows the application of various types of metals. This allows aerospace engineers to pick materials based on the product and its compatibility with engineering requirements. It is also worth mentioning that CNC machining applications in the aerospace industry are limitless. The technique is used for making engine components, landing gear, panels, and various other components.

2. Automotive

Like the aerospace industry, the automotive industry also applies CNC machining for parts production. Various metals are used to manufacture various components in the automotive industry. Additionally, CNC machining is also used for prototyping in the automotive industry. Prototypes are products samples designed for testing and presentation to shareholders. CNC machining is used to make metal vehicle components like gearboxes and plastic parts like gas gauges and dashboard panels in the automotive industry. The technique is also commonly applied for manufacturing custom automotive parts.

3. Electronics

Another CNC machining application is in the electronics manufacturing sector. CNC machining is used to manufacture various electronic components like laptops, smartphones, and computer parts. The technology is also used to make electronic fixtures, housings, and various components used in electrical systems.

4. Health and defense

The defense sector, particularly the military, uses CNC machining for producing prototypes and finished parts. The technique makes durable parts that can withstand constant application, wear, and tear. The parts also require minimal upkeep.

On the other hand, CNC machining produces medical components with safe and durable materials in the health sector. Examples of CNC machined parts in the medical industry are; implants, surgical instruments, and electric components.

5. Robotics

Another popular CNC machining application is the robotics industry, a practical and accurate technique for manufacturing components of robots. The applications are also vice versa. For instance, CNC machining is an automated process. This means that the machines almost work like robots without human input. CNC technology controls industrial robots and guides them to complete their operations. CNC technology also allows automatic reporting for technicians and engineers.

Final word

CNC technology is popular in industrial machining because it provides safer industrial environments. It is also cheaper and offers a faster turnaround. CNC machining is often used for large-scale production. The CNC machining process applied in each sector may differ from the others. For instance, some sectors apply all CNC machining processes, and others only apply a single process. Examples of CNC processes are milling, lathes, and drilling.

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